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Paul Swydan is the co-managing editor of The Hardball Times, a writer and editor for FanGraphs and a writer for ESPN MLB Insider and the Boston Globe. Follow him on Twitter @Swydan.

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  1. Franklin Stubbs says:

    I know Dayn Perry. Was in a Strat league with him. He left and Christina Kahrl took over for him. I was able to pry Pujols from her for Russell Martin. I also had Mauer and at the time Martin had more value. He’s a cool guy. We both lived in the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago so we went out for beers a few times.

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  2. DrBGiantsfan says:

    It seems like the bigger the auction league, the more you would want to play stars and scrubs, because 1. There are fewer top tier players available relative to roster spots and 2. By the last half of the draft, you are going to be drafting scrubs anyway.

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    • slackerjack says:

      I think you might have that backwards.

      As the depth of a league shrinks, you should be willing to pay far more for stars. As the replacement level baseline goes up, there are fewer and fewer players who offer decent marginal value over the baseline.

      In a bigger league with more depth (where you draft more of the player pool) you can find a lot of value in the midrange players. The problem with stars and scrubs in that kind of league is that many scrubs don’t get regular playing time. You get killed on the counting stats.

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