FanGraphs After Dark Chat – 5/8/12

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Paul Swydan is the managing editor of The Hardball Times, a writer and editor for FanGraphs and a writer for He has written for The Boston Globe, ESPN MLB Insider and ESPN the Magazine, among others. Follow him on Twitter @Swydan.

3 Responses to “FanGraphs After Dark Chat – 5/8/12”

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  1. Beth says:

    Adrian Cardenas…can he supplant Barney???…If he does, after looking into your crystal ball, what do you see his 5×5 numbers as being for the rest of the season?

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  2. Tony says:

    the video isnt loading and i can’t view the chat

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  3. Ross says:

    Kemp a better defender than Hamilton? Kemp has always been well below average in defense (tools are there, but terrible routes) and Hamilton, while much much better in left, is still an above average center fielder. Kemp is a stud, but I wouldn’t take him over a HEALTHY Josh Hamilton.

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