FanGraphs Audio: Chris “Cwik”

Episode Ninety-Seven
Contributor Chris Cwik elaborates on his post from Thursday regarding the Marlins’ free-agent spending power and also gives his expert opinion on whether or not Arizona’s recent signings of Willie Bloomquist and John McDonald more or less assure the D-backs of a World Series. (Answer: they don’t. At all.) Also discussed: recent weight gain by the host, owing largely to the lipid-rich cuisine of Wisconsin.

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Audio on the flip-flop. (Approximately 22 min. play time.)


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Carson Cistulli has recently started a new project called Paris Matches.

3 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Chris “Cwik””

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  1. A Washington says:

    I love the ‘knowing me knowing you’ sound, the different segments.

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  2. Kyle says:

    Dayn Perry = Karl Hungus.

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  3. ElJosharino says:

    Man, the Pod is really taking things to a new level. Carson, the new mic sounds great, and the sound effects are coming along very nicely. The sky is the limit right now.

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