FanGraphs Audio: Dave Cameron Analyzes All Suspensions

Episode 367
Dave Cameron is both (a) the managing editor of FanGraphs and (b) the guest on this particular edition of FanGraphs Audio — during which edition he discusses, as reasonably as possible, the consequences of baseball’s most recent PED-related suspensions.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 39 min play time.)


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3 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Dave Cameron Analyzes All Suspensions”

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  1. Jordan says:

    I’m a fan, Dave, but you’re characterizing the PED issue in totally the wrong way. He’s been using since high school, and the fact that he’s still using now isn’t motivated by money – which he’s already guaranteed for the rest of his career, barring suspension – but by a desire to perform well. Whether that’s because he cares about the team and wants to win, or about wanting to be considered the greatest ever, I have no clue. But if anything, he’s risking money by continuing to use PEDs at this point in his career.

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