FanGraphs Audio: Dave Cameron Analyzes the Pirates, Mostly

Episode 355
Dave Cameron is both (a) the managing editor of FanGraphs and (b) the guest on this particular edition of FanGraphs Audio — during which edition he analyzes mostly the Pittsburgh Baseball Pirates.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 37 min play time.)


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Carson Cistulli has just published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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  1. Sean says:

    Garrett Jones is primarily a 1B, not a RF, for the Pirates, and has a middling but horrendous .725 OPS. He’s just been terrible in his 54 ABs as a RF. In 151 ABs as a 1B, his line is 291/343/444. And he’s only been playing in RF that much to get Gaby Sanchez a few more ABs and because Snider has been ineffective since April ended. It all makes me wonder if Dave and Carson have actually paid much attention to the Pirates this season.

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    • Sean says:

      *not horrendous. Oy.

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    • Dave Cameron says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      (I normally don’t do this, but this one is so off base…)

      In a discussion about the Pirates, we noted:

      1. That their right fielders have performed poorly.
      2. That Travis Snider and Garrett Jones have gotten the most playing time in RF.
      3. That, given more playing time, they would likely perform better in the future.
      4. That the Pirates would still be better off with an RF upgrade, which would allow them to deploy Jones and Snider as depth at other positions.

      Please tell me which of those statements you disagree with, and which one you think is evidence that I haven’t been paying attention to a team I’ve written about regularly.

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      • Frank says:

        I think what he meant to say was “Jones only plays RF sometimes because Gaby is playing in place of Snider. Acquiring a RF wouldn’t make Jones depth, it just would keep him at 1b.”…It just happened to come out as more of a rant.

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      • Andre M. says:

        Actually, I disagree with statement #2, since Jose Tabata has appeared in 20 games in RF (Jones in 19). Statement #3 is arguable, and seems irrelevant as far as Jones is concerned, since his future playing time is likely to be principally at 1B. As Tabata is working his way through minor league rehab, he figures to impact the RF situation much more than Jones. Andrew Lambo (21 HR in the upper minors) might also come into the picture, though he is given no mention, either. Though his last sentence appears too scathing, I would be interested to know which of the statements in Sean’s previous sentences you disagree with, and which one you think is evidence that “this one is so off base.”

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    • gouis says:

      ya burnt

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  2. Groundba11 says:

    I almost never discuss investments with non-professionals, so I do apologize if I am still too brusque. If you have a couple hundred thousand dollars in cash today, making enough money over the next thirty years to provide income throughout retirement is pretty easy. If you do not have much cash today, then you may need to push returns, particularly in the early years, and anything that pares your returns, including funds that cream some off the top and companies with mandates to avoid maximizing value to shareholders, is bad. Running out of money at an age when you could no longer earn a salary is very bad. To be honest, I have never even looked at anything explicitly ethical and it is possible that bias is pervasive. I have talked to one guy who does social impact bonds, which might be something for you to research.

    For Cameron: I have a Golden and would say that he is infinitely energetic or exuberant. Mine is ten and still frequently decides that he is more important than what I am working on or reading. I think that destructiveness can really be minimized if he gets outside for an hour, or so, every day. Also, riding a bike up a mountain is not that rough and absolutely worth it for the forty or fifty mph ride down the other side.

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