FanGraphs Audio: Dave Cameron on the Draft, Mostly

Episode 192
FanGraphs managing editor Dave Cameron makes his weekly appearance.

• The draft, who’s available in it this year.
• The draft, how the CBA affects it.
• Dick Allen, against Dave Cameron’s will.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 38 min. play time.)


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4 years 1 month ago

Dave, you mention Larry Walker and your trepidation regarding his claim to the Hall of Fame. I find that mildly disconcerting.

If you look at his career wRC+ of 142 and see that, that places him right smack dab between Eddie Mathews (143) and Mike Piazza (140) a Hall of Famer, and an expected one respectively… I’m curious to see what it is, exactly that you find to be his fault?

His 7 GG’s coupled with a career wRC+ as high as 142 makes me wonder what it is exactly that so many people have against him… He wasn’t (to my knowledge) linked to steroids and for God’s sake, the big guy could even steal a base every now and again (230 career SB’s).

Why isn’t Larry Walker HOF material?

4 years 1 month ago

To put everyone on an even basis, take their career road stats and double them. That takes away the home field advantage.

That would leave Walker as a .278/.370/.495/.865 hitter. Very good, but not HOF.

His stats at Mile High were a ridiculous .381/.462/.710/1.182.

Think of how difficult it is to hit .400, or even close to it, and consider that Walker’s average at Mile High is almost .400.

Or, just for context, the immortal Terry Shumpert has a career average of .223 in parts of 8 seasons with KC, RS, Cubs, and Pods. In his first full season in Colorado, he hit .347, courtesy of hitting .407 at home.

Vinny Castilla had a .872 overall before he left Mile High. For the next four years, he had a .694. Came back to Mile High and posted a .867. For his career at Mile high, he had a .989. His career road OPS was .738.