FanGraphs Audio: Jon Weisman of the Actual Dodgers Now

Episode 422
Known for his work both as owner-operator of Dodger Thoughts and as writer/editor at Variety, Jon Weisman is now the director of digital and print content for the actual Los Angeles Dodgers themselves. He’s also the guest on this edition of FanGraphs Audio.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 42 min play time.)


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3 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Jon Weisman of the Actual Dodgers Now”

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  1. Xeifrank says:

    Jon is great. Just wish the interview had a little more content.

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  2. Pete Mustard says:

    same thoughts exactly. previous interview was much better.

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  3. Merlin90 says:

    Interesting that you talk of a cricketing equivalent of Vin Scully – I’d say that, in Richie Benaud, cricket has just that (although because cricket isn’t played as frequently as baseball, he’s probably still a way short of Scully in terms of hours broadcast).

    Benaud played cricket, very successfully, for Australia during the fifties and sixties, and then became a TV commentator, working for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK from 1964 until 2005 and Australia for Channel 9 until a few years ago. He was still popping up on TV from time to time in Australia until recently, when he was injured in a car crash, but he’s much missed in the UK.

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