FanGraphs Audio: Live Event, Media Panel

Episode Forty-Three
In which the panel is super credentialed.

Media Panel from last month’s Live Event.

David Biderman, Wall Street Journal
Matthew Cerrone, Mets Blog
Will Leitch, New York Magazine
Michael Silverman, Boston Herald
Alex Speier,
Moderater: Jonah Keri, Ubiquitous

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Audio on the flip-flop.


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  1. Fangraphs Fan says:

    Any chance you can put the total time of the audio on these pages. It’s just convenient to know how long I’ll be listening.

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  2. Tom McCullough says:

    Is there a pitch tracking site that will tell me whether I am the only TV viewer who thinks that post-Nyjer Morgan charging the mound and Gaby Sanchez clothes lining him, Doug Slaten hit Gaby Sanchez with a (slow) curve ball or even a change up? If I saw correctly on my TV, Slaten was doing the expected thing sticking up for his teammate yet with an absolute minimum of untoward harm to anybody, right?

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  3. According to the PItch-by-Pitch on MLB’s Gameday, it was an 89.3 mph fastball.

    Check it out here. Bottom of the 7th.

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  4. Tom McCullough says:


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  5. Big Koosh says:

    Thanks for posting it.

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