FanGraphs Audio: Nathaniel Stoltz, Digested

Episode 402
Nathaniel Stoltz is a very thoughtful prospect writer for FanGraphs et al. He’s also the guest on this terribly pleasant edition of FanGraphs Audio.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 48 min play time.)


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5 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Nathaniel Stoltz, Digested”

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  1. Danny Knobgobbler says:

    Is the Dayn Perry podcast still a thing, Cistulli?

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  2. Miguelito says:

    How do you spell the guy’s name, I’m doing something wrong and am lazy. Tony Boochefero? Tony Buchifero?

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    • I demand no fewer than two other examples of spellings you’ve attempted, on account of they’re amusing. Then I’ll reveal the actual spelling!

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      • Miguelito says:

        I’ll play. Other search terms used: Tony Bochiferrero, Tony Bucifero (google wanted to know if I meant Tony Lucifero), Anthony Boochifero. But alas, I found the correct (and pretty reasonable spelling) by adding the franchise. Long live: Tony Bucciferro.

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  3. Purple Jesus says:

    I love Stoltz’s analysis of these fringe prospects ! Although he’s not a “fringe prospect” per se , I’d love to hear Nathanial’s take on Marcus Stroman , considering he’s seen by many scouts to not have the “size” to be a starter , yet he’s been mowing guys down and showing no signs of stopping in the minors.

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