FanGraphs Audio: Prospect Mavens in the House

FanGraphs Audio is shooting to the top of the charts. (And, yes, we’re just as surprised as you.) Audio after the jump.

Episode Three
In which the panel considers rookies in line for significant playing time.

Tommy Manz-What-the-H-ella?
Drew Stubbs Is Awesome at the Baseballs
Marc Hulet’s Riposte in re Chris Withrow
… and other new discoveries!

Marc Hulet
Bryan Smith

Finally, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.


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8 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Prospect Mavens in the House”

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  1. erik says:

    I’m listening about halfway through now, and am kicking myself for not being available with all the Cardinals talk happening. Curse you, Hallmark for inventing Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Rob says:

    Thanks to Hulet for addressing the criticism of the Withrow ranking, but I think that the biggest issue people had was his reference to mediocre scouting reports on Withrow’s stuff, which doesn’t square with other reports from multiple sources that have him sitting in the mid 90’s and touching high 90’s with his fastball, as well as reports of a plus curve. His explanation was that he is high on Withrow, just higher on others in the system, but his comments in the original piece don’t indicate this at all.

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    • Rob, I think it’s an interesting issue you bring up — that is, where various prospect writers get their info. I’ve talked about it with Hulet on a casual level, but it might make for good pod-fodder.

      Which is to say, knowing Hulet, I’m pretty confident he’s done his due diligence. But obviously information is always changing and prospect-ranking requires the Maven in question to hit a lot of moving targets.

      Also, consider: for a Canadian like Hulet, “miles per hour” is a basically meaningless measure. How many KMs per hour is Withrow throwing?: that’s the real question here.

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  3. RonDom says:

    Greatest intro ever! *Banjo Love*

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  4. BF says:

    Did I hear Bryan say that Bumgarner was “95-97”? I’m not sure he was ever quite 95-97 (more like 93-95), and this past year he was more like 87-90. And his breaking ball is not a 65-70 on an 80 scale…at least not yet.

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  5. All three of these podcasts have been good to listen to. Would it be possible to get a regular rss link for the podcasts? I don’t use itunes (using Google Listen on my Droid). Thanks!

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  6. Carson, just so you should know, Chris Coghlan’s name is pronounced with a hard “g” like coglan and not coflin!

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