FanGraphs Audio: Prospects with Mike Newman

Episode 252
Prospect analyst Mike Newman discusses three players he saw in person this season — catcher Mike Zunino (Mariners), shortstop Brad Miller (also Mariners), and German outfielder Max Kepler (Twins) — and the larger concerns each raises with regard to prospect analysis generally.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 51 min. play time.)


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  1. maxjusttyped says:

    More prospect analysis, please. This is excellent.

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  2. SeaBass says:


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  3. Stefan says:

    As usual, when Americans talk about the drinking age in germany, they are wrong. While i, as a german, might not be able to improve helping americans on their baseball knowledge, i’m sure i can do that on german liquor law:

    The law applies to the whole country of Germany (no states or counties with different laws). Everybody is allowed to buy (and therefore drink) any kind of alcohol at 18. Beverages with low volume of alcohol like wine and beer are allowed at 16. If Adults (like parents) are ordering the drinks in a restaurants, the age is reduced two more years. Example given: Parents can order wine for their 14 olds.

    Also, german Baseball Bundesliga is probaply lower than Rookie League. I guess it’s comparable to a lower college league.

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    • Mike Newman says:

      Yes, I am American and no, I have never been to Germany. It was a tangential, off topic part of the discussion we weren’t taking all too seriously. At last check, I saw Kepler in Elizabethton, Tennessee, not Berlin.

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