FanGraphs Audio: RotoGraphs Meets America!

Episode Fourteen
In which all of your fantasies become realities.

Budreika and Blahblahski: Duquesne Represent!
Sanders and Sarris: East Meets West.
Hulet and Joura: Hating on Colby Lewis.
… and other cracker jacks!

Every Frigging RotoGraphs Contributor!

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Audio on the flip-flop.


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10 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: RotoGraphs Meets America!”

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  1. I broke my ear buds this morning. This is a tragedy.

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  2. Scott says:

    Don’t forget about (aboot?) Canada!

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  3. Kenny Lofton says:

    Did you play Stephen Malkmus at the beginning because he’s a known fantasy baseball lover?

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    • I hadn’t seen that one, although I remember reading this one

      from last year, mostly about basketball.

      I like the song quite a bit — that whole album, in fact — but am not yet sold on it as intro music.


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      • cwik02 says:

        I vote for more of the “sweet guitar lick.” If I had a choice, I would choose the old intro music over the new intro music.

        Also, what’s with all the Colby Lewis hate? C’mon!

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  4. Charlie says:

    Suggestion: the volume always seems to drop when you move out of the intro into the main segment, to the point I have trouble listening in the car at times. Any way it can be evened up for those of us who’ve been to one too many Jonas Brothers concerts?

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