FanGraphs Audio: Scott Radinsky and Chris Perez

Episode 183
David Laurila (@DavidLaurilaQA), curator of FanGraphs’ Q&A Series, talks both to Indians rock-and-roll pitching coach Scott Radinsky and also closer Chris Perez.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 19 min. play time.)


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4 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Scott Radinsky and Chris Perez”

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  1. lastwaverocker says:

    Scott Radinsky is an awesome guy, and Pulley is a great band. Not many dudes out there with a passion for skateboarding, punk rock, and baseball, but he’s sure pulled it off.

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    • Resolution says:

      I saw Pulley back in ’03 and they were pretty awesome – Scott’s the man. I’m really happy he’s a pitching coach now

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  2. Ben Hall says:

    When will there be another Cameron podcast?

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  3. allan says:

    I used to love Radinsky’s band ten foot pole. I grew up going to see them play here in Southern California. The band kicked him out because he was spending too much time playing baseball. Look up ten foot poles old music. They were amazing.

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