FanGraphs Audio: Starlin Light, Starlin Bright

Episode Twenty-Seven
In which the panel records a meltdown.

Starlin Castro in the Chicago Sky
Demoted: Alex Gordon
N’doy: The Tampa Bay Rays Are Good
Speaking of Meltdowns
… and other populist declarations!

Dave Cameron, Full-Time Employee
Matt Klaassen, Study Carrel-er
Bryan Smith, Resident Prospect Maven

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Audio on the flip-flop.


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9 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Starlin Light, Starlin Bright”

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  1. Jilly says:

    The Cubs are a WNBA game…clever

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  2. nothingxs says:

    Starlin didn’t look exactly like Ace Rookie 5000 yesterday :P

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    • John says:

      It’s one game. Just as 6 RBI is an anomaly, so is the 3 errors. Cub fans should expect more than a few ups and downs this year from their 20 year old shortstop.

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    • The Ace Rookie 5000 (AR5) should prove, in time, to be an improvement over the AR4 (of which Corey Patterson is a prime example), featuring better plate discipline and greater positional flexibility.

      Unfortunately, the AR5 was rushed through beta testing, because the Cubs’ second base platoon kinda bit. The designers are aware of the throwing glitch and are furiously addressing it as we speak.

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  3. sumajestad says:

    tell Smith not to do the pod in the crapper next time.

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