FanGraphs Audio: The Over/Under Game with Dave Cameron

Episode 716
Managing editor Dave Cameron is the guest on this edition of the pod, during which he plays (almost willingly) the Over/Under Game for 2017. This is similar to — although not exactly the same as — the game played with Eric Longenhagen last week.

Here’s how this particular version is played:

  • Contestant A introduces a specific metric for 2017. (Example: Adam Eaton’s UZR in center field for the Nationals.)
  • Contestant A proposes a precise figure for that metric. (Example: +8.0 runs).
  • Contestant B chooses the over or under.

Each Cameron and the host submit five over/under proposals in this episode, for a total of 10 overall. Click here to see the results.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 52 min play time.)

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