FanGraphs Audio: The Totally Fertile Dayn Perry

Episode 254
Dayn Perry, contributor to CBS Sports’ Eye on Baseball and author of two books (one of them serviceable), fertilizes FanGraphs Audio with his words and with his mind.

Don’t hesitate to direct pod-related correspondence to @cistulli on Twitter.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 32 min. play time.)


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Carson Cistulli has just published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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  1. what says:

    Skip to minute 32 for baseball analysis

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    • “Perry is like the mouse, then caught in a trap, gnaws off its own leg, and once freed fails at everything.”

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      • in essence, from the lowest common denominator’s definition, this radio show is constantly grappling with in a School of Athens style duel with Carson, agent of Epicurius, disparaged on a doric column while Dayn’s response to Motorboat my Balls whilst eating hemlock cereal.

        At the heart of discussion:

        Virility, defined by the lowest common denominator:

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        For the pathogenicity term, see Virulence.
        Look up virility in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

        Historically, masculine attributes such as beard growth have been seen as signs of virility and leadership (for example, in ancient Egypt and Greece).[1]
        Virility refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively.

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    • jcxy says:

      are you just trolling or did you not listen to the nearly minute long disclaimer about the perry podcasts?

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  2. what says:

    The thing it it wasn’t even funny. It was like listening to a train wreck in slow motion

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    • Seth says:

      Listening to a train wreck in slow motion sounds more than ok to me. But, hey, there is no accounting for taste.

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    • AustinRHL says:

      I enjoy these episodes with Dayn, but I can’t really explain why. It’s one of those things where the episode ends and I wonder, “What the heck did I just listen to?” But it’s entertaining nevertheless.

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  3. mp says:

    “Well she’s gonna goto bed before I do, so I need to hustle up there.” Love the Dayn episodes, will typically listen to each episode 2 – 3 times.

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    • Ben says:

      I’m glad to hear this because I do the same thing and I worried that there was something wrong with me. Also, I gave you a thumbs down vote on accident. Sorry about that.

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  4. Marty says:

    Fangraphs Audio with Dayn Perry is one of this website’s greatest achievements.

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