FanGraphs Audio: Who the Hell Is Paul Swydan?

Episode 177
Paul Swydan is a contributor not only to the terribly erudite pages of FanGraphs, but also to ESPN and the various efforts of Major League Baseball Advanced Media. A native son of the Boston area, he’s a Red Sox fan who also worked for six years selling tickets for, and editing the team magazine of, the Colorado Rockies. Also discussed: how the heat was always on on WSBK TV-38.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 44 min. play time.)


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2 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Who the Hell Is Paul Swydan?”

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  1. gryfyn1 says:

    Hector Santiago!!! its Friday I need an update!!!

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    • kozilla says:

      He is toast. Assuming Sale’s arm is fine he seems to have lost the job. He might not even be first in line even if Sale’s arm blows up.

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