FanGraphs Audio: Will McDonald of Royals Review

Episode Sixty-Two
In which the guest is a real-live a doctor of philosophy.

On the Royals’ Historic Futility
On the Royals’ Maybe Promising Future
The Case of Carl Crawford and the Antiquarian Bookstore
… and unparalleled insights!

Will McDonald, Royals Reviewer

Finally, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or other feeder things.

Audio on the flip-flop. (Approximately 35 min play time.)


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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

5 Responses to “FanGraphs Audio: Will McDonald of Royals Review”

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  1. Daniel says:

    “Maybe” Promising Future… looks like you can add “FanGraphs Hates the Royals” after “Death” and “Taxes”.

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    • Hey, woah. I, personally, would LIKE the Royals to succeed. It’s just — even as McDonald notes — a lot of their future is tied to those three main offensive guys and then, like, six or seven arms. It’s hard to say with any kind of certainty that it’ll work out.

      Furthermore, though he’s demonstrated a capacity to develop young talent, it’s not clear that Moore has demonstrated the ability to get much value from free-agent signings (Jeff Francis signing excepted).

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      • Daniel says:

        It’s nothing personal, Carson, but there is a definitive trend of negativity towards the Royals on FanGraphs. I mean, someone here actually decided to take the time to write a scathing article on the Royals because they signed Pedro Feliz to a *minor* league contract. Do you think that article would have been written if he was signed by the Cubs, or Rays, or Diamondbacks?

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      • Daniel says:

        Okay, so I just caught Michael Lee’s article this morning. I’ll back off a little bit. :)

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    • NYRoyal says:

      I’m sorry but Daniel that is entirely unfair. I’m a big Royals fan but I know that the Royals promising future is definitely a maybe. How many prospects will succeed? Who knows. Lots and lots of top prospects fail. Will Dayton Moore do a good job of surrounding the prospects who do succeed with quality MLB talent? He hasn’t done a good job of bringing in MLB players so far, and he’ll need to add significant talent even if a bunch of prospects succeed.

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