FanGraphs Chat – 10/17/10

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  1. Derek says:

    Why couldn’t the sox get Beltre and Adrian?

    Sign Beltre. Next year Ortiz and Drew will be off the books, and you could sign AGon who will be a free agent.

    Then just have a rotating door DH with Youk, Beltre, Adrian?

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  2. Zach says:

    Is Buchholz, Ellsbury, Casey Kelly, and Anthony Rizzo for Upton ridiculous?

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    • Anon21 says:

      Any offer for Upton less than five regulars and a dozen high-quality prospects is ridiculous. We’re talking about a guy who put up a .349 wOBA last season, here. From a corner outfield spot! Get serious, man. Try throwing in Youkilis, Pedroia, and Lester and it MIGHT be enough to get the Diamondbacks to consider coming to the table.

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  3. Seth says:

    Dave, I have a late question about a diamondback besides Upton. Do you think it would be smart for the Pirates to make a play at him. What do you think would be a fair offer? Could a deal around Paul Maholm work or is that another crap deal scenerio? I think people underestimate the value of a durable 200 innings pitcher who gets a good amount of ground balls. I think Reynolds at third and Alvarez at first would give the Pirates pretty formidable pop at the corners.

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  4. Heather says:

    Upton = Dan Haren Redux.

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  5. Undocorkscrew says:

    No way I’d trade a package of Jurrjens, Delgado, Prado, and Vizcaino for Upton. That honestly wouldn’t be enough? His contact rate hasn’t been a huge issue as he’s still getting on base an a good clip, but no way in hell is he worth all that, and I don’t even like Jurrjens.

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    • Anon21 says:

      I suppose you saw Cameron proclamation in yesterday’s thread that Hanson, Teheran, Freeman would be a good starting point for a Braves offer on Upton? Yeah.

      Cameon’s a smart guy, but goddamn, when he takes an unreasonable position and people call him on it, he just digs in and digs in and digs in.

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  6. Jimmy the Greek says:

    Cameron has FAR overstated Upton’s value, both in terms of what it actually is and what it’s perceived to be (i.e., what he’ll be traded for).

    If Upton does get traded, it will be for far less than Dave Cameron is predicting.

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  7. Burt Lavallo, friend to all says:

    yeah, i don’t get this at all. from the way cameron is writing about him, you’d think upton was the second coming of joe dimaggio or something. he’s a good player, he’s young, he’s affordable. a great defender. but he’s also a guy who has never once placed in the top ten in the national league in ANY major offensive category. (and by major, i’m talking about OBP, OPS, SLG, total bases, walks, batting average, etc). not one top ten showing in his entire career. and we’re supposed to believe an asking price for a guy like this would be hamels, brown, and a prospect? good lord. the phillies (i hope) would laugh an offer like that out the door.

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  8. F0gel says:

    10:$0.5M, 11:$4.25M, 12:$6.75M, 13:$9.75M, 14:$14.25M, 15:$14.5M

    Those are his salaries. In a disappointing year, he was worth 3.1WAR at a cost of 500k. That isn’t a steal? He is <10M for the next 3 years. At 23, there is a chance he could even improve. I think a lot of his value is dependent on him improving and his low cost and age.

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