FanGraphs Chat – 10/17/12

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. Pete says:

    Dave, your tweet about whether Girardi would have done it the other way around if A-Rod had started was a perfect demonstration of the endowment effect, a key concept in behavioral economics (think Freakonomics/Gladwell). Basically, we make irrational decisions based on what we have in our hands, regardless of low transaction costs. Put it another way: intertia.

    Anyway, Girardi’s decision — or lack there-of — was foolish but in lots of company.

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  2. ChadT says:

    Tom, if you hate U2 or think Bono’s a pompous arse, that’s fine, but he’s actually done a lot of good things with his wealth/fame, at least pick a celebrity who is an active detriment to the world (a Kardashian maybe, or Bud Selig).

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  3. Basebull says:

    Dave if you get time at some point I’d like to hear more about what you feel the shortcomings are of B-R’s player comp tool. I haven’t dived into the methodology much, but it’s one of my favorite online time-wasters.

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  4. Anthony says:

    All the talk about Girardi’s decision making and not a single “binder full of women” joke?

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    • Cliff says:

      Seriously, talk about fishing for something to hang over a guys head. All he was saying was that he actively tried to find the best women suited for the jobs that required filling. Doesn’t every company or CEO do the exact same thing?

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  5. Bob says:

    That Sam Holdbrook zinger at the end made me really laugh.

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  6. Anon21 says:

    test, maybe I need more words in addition to the link, come on fg, your tags are not at all intuitive, what is this “title” nonsense at every sensible website you just put the url in the first tag and then do a slash a at the end, why can’t you be more normal famously

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