FanGraphs Chat – 10/24/12

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. tim says:

    Gun to your head, first non-pitcher off the board in the June Draft. Thanks.

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  2. Mark says:

    What kind of contract do you think Ichiro will get? 2/$18?

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  3. AJB says:

    Dave, just an FYI but college teams definitely play during the week. While the games are usually non-conference games early in the year, they usually play something on Tues/Wed and then Fri/Sat/Sun.

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  4. Jason says:

    Jack Zduriencik supposedly burned bridges with the non-trade of Cliff Lee to the Yankees. Then they did the Pineda deal, same thing again. Then they did the Ichiro trade.

    I remember there was some huff and puff around the non-trade of Jarrod Washburn to the Yankees too.

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  5. Eric R says:

    RE: changing positions and offense…

    Very quick and dirty, but I took all players who in consecutive seasons [1969 onward] had at least 400 PA [300 PA if catcher], played in the same park and played a very high percentage of their innings at a single position in each season where that position was different in each year.

    I grouped the data by the positions, and am measuring relative performance using the basic runs created formula [OBP*TB]:

    C->3B +34%
    3B->2B +22%
    LF->RF +13%
    3B->LF +9%
    CF->LF +4%
    RF->CF +3%
    SS->3B +2%
    CF->RF +0%
    RF->LF -1%
    LF->CF -1%
    LF->1B -9%

    The numbers above are adjusted to reflect the 1-3% year-to-year decline on the players who did not change positions [but still met all of the other criteria.

    I used a minimum sample of five players per positional pair- here are some of the smaller sample size changes:
    SS->2B [4] +14%
    LF->3B [3] +10%
    1B->C [3] +9%
    2B->SS [3] +9%
    3B->1B [4] +0%
    3B->RF [3] -9%
    2B->3B [4] -10%

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