FanGraphs Chat – 11/9/11

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  1. Cactus Gavvy says:

    Why isn’t Gavvy Cravath in the Hall of Fame? Yes 40 career war, but he didn’t get started until he was 31because teams only cared about speed. He had a monster peak and completely changed the game.

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  2. PJW10 says:

    LOL, best ending to a chat ever.

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  3. DrBGiantsfan says:

    I love how people just take gratuitous shots at Brian Sabean without bothering to consider, you know, the evidence. Yes, he has made some mistakes. Yes, his vision of offense is probably different than most people who write for this site. There is also strong evidence that he was on to defensive metrics long before Billy Beane or Jack Z or even Fangraphs! He also seems to know a thing or two about pitching.

    Brian Sabean has been the most successful GM in Giants history since John McGraw producing 11 winning seasons out of 15 in his tenure. He’s made the post-season 5 times, won 2 NL Pennants and a World Series. His winning percentage is in the top 10 of all GM’s since 1950.

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  4. AJ says:

    When your chat has multiple Melky Cabrera questions, it feels like pitchers and catchers reporting is a century away.

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  5. batpig says:

    The shot at Bleacher Report was spot on. That site’s analysis and writing is an f’ing joke and I have no idea why they get their own link box on the sidebar of Fangraphs. Being positioned just below The Hardball Times grants them legitimacy that they do NOT deserve….

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