FanGraphs Chat – 2/27/13

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. Jerry says:

    16 team 5 X 5 snake draft…where do you like to pick and why?

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  2. JES says:

    Jeff blinked more often than you do.

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  3. uptown fan says:

    i never seen such a disrepect you paid to the braves this year !!! it is ashame you dont see those two brothers are going to bring to this team ! the nationals only had 1 winning season and now you make them out like they were god !!! tell me this !?!? can prado hit 30 homeruns !?!? can bourn hit 30 homeruns !?!? chipper played in 125 games last year and hit 14 homeruns and 77 rbis. chris johnson played in 130 games last year and hit 15 homeruns and 75 rbis. we have already replaced that production before i never mentioned justin !! so you see, that is a blantant disrespect for our atlanta braves ! this city is alive with the excite of this team with the uptown brothers, oh !, and our #1 bullpen with walden clocked at 98, kimbrel 99+ oh! and this rookie, jr graham 102 !!! you are going to look real silly as you look not at the end of the season, but at the begining !!!!

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    • Baltar says:

      The ZiPS rough count from Dan Szymborski’s rough depth charts (not valid, but better than a guess) is 92 wins for Nat’s, 87 for Braves, 80 for Phils. That sounds about right to me. Both Dave’s statement that Phils=Braves and yours that Braves > Nats are probably wrong, but anything can happen.

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  4. uptown fan says:

    even an average woman like myself can see that justin upton is better than martin prado. do you know why martin prado became a starter here !?!? because in 2009, kelly johnson stunk so bad, bobby cox gave martin prado, a bench player then, the job ! so its got to be some kind of hatered there of justin and bj upton ! frank wren said this team is up there with the 1998 braves, and i believe him !! those two black brothers are going to put this team back on to winning pennants and hopefully a couple of world series. frank wren believes that, bobby cox, who still has his hand on the atlanta braves blueprint and you ought to know never bet against bobby cox ! he’s burned a lot of people and teams !! we the city of atlanta all believe in the atlanta braves and the generals that runs it !!!

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    • Simon says:

      If only commenting was measured by the number of exclamation marks, you might be reasonably good at it.

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    • Kevin says:

      Let’s set aside the fact the Nats are the team to beat in the NL East, and that Dave didn’t slight the Braves anywhere, as far I can tell.

      I just want to say, the way you use punctuation is blowing my mind.

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