FanGraphs Chat – 2/8/12

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  1. Scooter McFinch says:

    Are the Giants able to demand player compensation for rights to San Jose? Such as Jarrod Parker and an outfield prospect? What would it take? Legal?

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  2. Nick says:

    Re: Mariners needing a RH 3B with pop to right…what about David Freese? He’s got good numbers to opposite field, but isn’t a bopper. He isn’t arbitration eligible until 2013. The Cards have Zach Cox waiting in the wings. And Freese is coming off a WS MVP. For a guy with a pretty spotty injury past, I’m not sure I’d get more out of his value than right now (if I’m the Cards).

    How about M’s give:
    B. League
    M. Olivo
    M. Carp
    V. Catricala

    Cards give:
    D. Freese
    Starlin Rodriguez

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    • jaywrong says:

      Please tell me why you think the Cardinals would do that?

      And if you somehow are able to do that, let me know what to do with Jason Motte, Yadier Molina, and Lance Berkman… and the hole at 3B.

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  3. Nick says:

    “Please tell me why you think the Cardinals would do that?”

    Arbitrage. Is the value of Freese going to climb from this point on? My opinion is no. Is the perceived value different from real value? Probably – for a player that’s produced 4.2 WAR over the last two seasons (which puts him between Casey Blake and Aramis Ramirez for 3Bs), his perceived value is drastically higher based on post season performance. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy either. Did you want to wait till 2013 when Zach Cox will be in AAA and Freese is headed to arbitration?

    As far as the package of players I offered up, that’s pretty open to speculation. Obviously offloading either League, Olivo or Figgins would be a priority. I picked League and Olivo based on lack of depth on Cards roster. I did not expect people to come to a passionate defense of Tony Cruz over Olivo as backup C and Motte, who isn’t exactly Isringhausen.

    Berkman stays at 1B (Carp can backup or even platoon). Molina is still starting C. Motte is moved to setup role. Descalso and Craig platoon 3B, who the Cards want to have on the field, but kinda doesn’t have a position with Beltra, Jay and Holliday in OF and Berkman at 1B.

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