FanGraphs Chat – 3/6/13

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  1. bkgeneral says:

    Cubs seem committed to trying to flip Garza, Baker, or Feldman. Who, if any, of these guys do they succeed in moving? What type of prospect haul should be expected?

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  2. Summer says:

    Phillips Castillo, Gabriel Guerrero, which low-level prospects in the Mariners Organization are personal favorites, we may not have heard enough about, or are you bullish on in 2013?

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  3. willl says:

    Who’s the 5th elite Dodger?
    1. Kershaw
    2. Kemp
    3. Greinke
    4. Gonzalez
    5. ??? Crawford? Ethier? Ramirez? Billingsley? They’re each 2-3 WAR players at this point. Not exactly elite, if you ask me.

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