FanGraphs Chat – 4/11/12

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. John Stamos says:

    Will Danny Duffy’s leash still be as long this year as it was last year? He got off to a good start yesterday…

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  2. heychuck says:

    Is there any chance Blake Bleavan sticks around and has a decent mlb career? Any comps?

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  3. Eddie says:

    That 7:11 start time gimmick was the Sox, not the Cubs.

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  4. Mr. Red says:

    I’m surprised everyone glossed over the “CG Shutout” question and answer. A pitcher has to pitch a complete game to earn a shutout, so yes, it was a redundant term.

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    • Tom says:

      I noticed it too – When talking about a pitcher, a CG shutout is indeed redundant… as in “Zito leads the league in CG shutouts”

      Otherwise guys like Hellickson, Strasburg, Duffy are tied with Zito for the lead league in “shutouts”.

      Dave just doesn’t like being corrected.

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      • colin says:

        I reread this after it was finished, but as soon as I scrolled up on that Cano question and read the answer I was expecting at least several more Cano ‘questions’. I was surprised there were only 3.

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      • Simon says:

        It’s possible that it’s because nobody cares.

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  5. lospadres11 says:

    These people asking little league questions remind me of the few bad coaches in my little leagues who’d micromanage and scream at the kids. The guys all the parents couldn’t stand and the kids didn’t want to play for. They’re ten, LET THEM HAVE FUN.

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  6. Undocorkscrew says:

    Heyward has looked so much better than last year. Slightly shorter swing and he’s actually making adjustments mid-pitch. Last year if he was guessing fastball and got something off-speed, he had no chance of making contact thanks to that long, vicious cut of his.

    I still think he’s taking a bit too long loading-up his swing. Still plenty of room to shorten it up….

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