FanGraphs Chat – 5/23/12

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  1. Casey says:

    Who closes if Broxton is hurt or traded?

    Will Lind ever be back up to the majors this year?

    What to expect from Brian Roberts?

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  2. juan pierres mustache says:

    haven’t been able to view any current or past chats recently…the video ad appears as a black box, never loads the ad, never lets me progress beyond that. anyone have any idea what causes this?

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  3. Chris says:

    So how do we get rid of this black box?

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  4. Nohd says:

    I have the same problem using Chrome, but it is working on Firefox.

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  5. Dave Cameron says:

    Sorry about the technical issues, folks – we’ll talk to CIL about it.

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  6. TFINY says:

    Had to step out, so I didn’t see your question.
    12:34Comment From TFINY
    I can’t vote for some reason. If you care, Linear Weights now, Pythag at the end.
    12:34Dave Cameron:
    This is interesting to me. The difference between the two is basically situational performance, so hitting with men on/RISP and runner stranding on the pitching side. Any reason you think that stuff is “real” after six months but not after two?

    It may be just noise, even after six months, but I know that some pitchers have better stuff out of the stretch, and I know that some hitters hit more poorly when a runner is stealing on them. I think that the underlying skills (mostly on the pitching side) about stranding runners is more likely to show itself when you have a whole season sample, as opposed to two months. As I am thinking through my answer, I have no reason to believe that six months is a large enough sample, or that two months is too small, but that was my reasoning. If anyone has heard of research being done on how large a sample it takes for pitching out of the stretch to stabilize, I would love to see it.

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  7. Franklin Stubbs says:

    “Comment From Shea
    Considering LaHair is already established at 1B”

    What??? We’re a month and a half into the season. He’s almost 29… He’s hardly established.

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