FanGraphs Chat – 5/30/12

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  1. Matthew says:

    Do you think Harper can be the next Oyster Burns?

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  2. I’ve been puzzled by the lack of a comment on Melky Cabrera, unless I missed it. Is he being punish for failure to regress? That’s just Mean!

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  3. Dave S says:

    You would only use 5 IFs until you got a man on base. At that point you’d want to eliminate/reduce the probability of an extra base hit… because then it means a run.

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    • Probability of double plays would go way up too, though. Not saying you are necessarily wrong, just that the double play factor MIGHT outweigh that concern.

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  4. badenjr says:

    I like the thought of 5 IFs as an organizational philosophy. Suppose a team attempted to focus on (1) ground ball pitchers, (2) speedy guys to patrol the outfield who specialize in defense, and (3) hitters. A team with 5 infielders would mitigate a lack of range that would typically hold back a middle infield type. As a result, guys who couldn’t stick at SS or 2B on a typical team because of their glove could fit just fine on this one. The team would also be able to benefit from assets that would not be so highly valued by other teams.

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  5. Undocorkscrew says:

    Regarding Kimbrel/Chapman…..saw this today.

    “Craig Kimbrel has 197 Strikeouts in 116.2 career innings. The MLB record for fastest to 200 Ks? 158 innings.”

    Chapman: 89.1 IP, 134 K, 13.5 K/9
    Kimbrel: 116.2 IP, 197 K, 15.3 K/9

    Kimbrel has faced 471 batters in his career, he’s struck out 197 of them. Billy Wagner was the fastest to reach 200 K while facing 556 batters.

    Just some random notes I saw on Talking Chop that I was blown away by, especially since Kimbrel has been called ‘The RH Billy Wagner…….minus the walks.’ Wagner was something special.

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