FanGraphs Chat – 5/9/11

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  1. ayjackson says:

    I don’t know whether Morrow has the best “stuff” in the game, but you say he’s not even close in one post and then state a few responses later that K/9 is the best single stat to measure “stuff”. Well Morrow has led the league in K/9 for starters since the start of 2010.

    I don’t think anyone’s overrating his stuff if they think it’s amongst the best in the league. How else do you get to 11.0 K/9?

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    • Lewis says:

      If there’s one player in the league Dave is CLEARLY biased against, it’s Brandon Morrow. Nobody’s claiming he’s a top 5 starter here. We’re just talking about pure stuff.

      Going back to last year, no other starter is even really close to him in K/9. (11.03 to Timmy’s 9.98).

      Dave’s concerns about long term health are legit but right now he’s top 5 for pure stuff without a doubt. To say otherwise is almost baseless.

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      • Dave Cameron says:

        Felix, Verlander, Johnson, Kershaw, Price, Lester. That was easy.

        Morrow’s stuff is good, but it’s not better than any of those guys. His strikeout rate is higher because he doesn’t throw strikes, so he finds himself in a lot of deep counts where the result tends to be a walk or a strikeout. That’s not indicative of better stuff – that’s evidence of worse command.

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      • Bron says:

        You said in this very chat that K rate was the best stat for “stuff”. Now you choose this specific instance to not use that as your baseline?

        If command is such a big part of this, then why aren’t guys like Halladay and Lee a part of the conversation?

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      • Teach says:

        You guys are arguing about something completely unquantifiable. Just stop.

        Dave, you’re coming off arrogant as ever.

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      • bronx_bombers says:

        How does David Price have better stuff? His secondary offerings aren’t on the same level as Morrow’s.

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      • HotStubbsTimeMachine says:

        Morrow vs. Scherzer tonight.

        Over/Under on torn UCLs set @ 1.5

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  2. Vinny says:

    4/70 is extremely low for reyes, injury concerns for the guy who led MLB in games played from 2005-2008, and got hurt in May of 2009 and as a 20 year old. reyes should have no problem approachin and probably surpassing 100 mill once the crazy owners have a chance to bid blindly against each other

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  3. brendan says:

    before I could view the chat replay, a _makeup_ ad ran for 10 seconds. I didn’t really mind, but can this really be right for the fangraphs demographic? ad-targetting fail? or this is the 00s and women read fangraphs is sufficient numbers that it makes sense?

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  4. joe says:

    Brought this up in several chats, but given the volume of questions I understand why it doesn’t get answered, but I thought I’d take a shot here.

    The 2011 Dollar values seems to have been based off the 5mil/WAR theme that many have verbally assumed as it fits some contracts…. before it gets entrenched to fill the salary inflation meme that was being forced down out throats last winter, has an actual analysis been done to verify the number or is it still just a guestimate?

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