FanGraphs Chat – 6/27/12

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Dave is a co-founder of and contributes to the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Royo says:

    Now that we have had a few more guys called up, do you have a new estimate on the approximate Super Two cut off?

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  2. juan pierres mustache says:

    re: USA today article, i found this
    which notes that when rosters expand to 40 men, they’re considering a 7 man rotation with as many as 11 starters–not sure it’s A) serious or B) as clear-cut as that but does seem like something that was brought up

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  3. Joe says:

    So sample size becomes large enough when it says what I think it should say. Love the logic. 300 innings is a big enough sample to draw conclusions about Cueto. On that point, Dave, you are simply wrong. His HR numbers will rise as he regresses, ages, or gets adjusted to. But to say that you can’t divine anything from 300 innings is head-in-sand dense.

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  4. Undocorkscrew says:

    Do you think that Chase Utley and/or Omar Vizquel make it to the Hall of Fame? What if you had a vote, who you vote for either of them?

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  5. KDL says:

    “Shouldn’t the whole process of lineup cards embrace the digital age? It’s rare that it’s an issue, but we saw it twice this week- for the White Sox it was merely humorous, but it nearly cost the Cardinals the game.”

    Just a pet peeve of mine…but why is most new technology imbued with this sense that it will eliminate mistakes?
    I’m not against digital lineup cards, just the idea that they will solve all problems.

    A couple examples…
    1) I’m sure when bullpen phones were introduced, they were similarly viewed as a foolproof, perfect solution. Counter: Last year’s WS.
    2) Has replay in the NFL eliminated controversy over close calls, and gotten everything 100% correct? No. Now we argue over whether the replay was done right, not whether the call was right. (Note: I support replay, because it’s a better system. But I don’t pretend it is without error.)
    3) Fianlly< jUst becuas esomething is done diggitally, does not meen they're can't be operator errorr.

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