FanGraphs Chat – 6/29/11

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. Sleepless in Seattle says:

    Is there a place to find data on a starting pitchers ERA or like stats by pitches thrown? Like their ERA between 1 – 20 pitches thrown, then 21 – 40 and so on all the way to 120+? Would be interesting to see when a pitcher seems to be most vulnerable by pitch count or when they hit their groove, like i.e. Volquez. I like this better than innings because pitch counts can fluctuate wildly within innings. Thanks!

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  2. johngomes says:

    chris davis fans keep dreaming…

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  3. johngomes says:

    idiot fantasy guy on here jinx j shields. hahahah

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  4. Bryan says:

    Livan does not have the slowest fastball. He is slightly slower than Dickey, but on only the 3rd player I looked at I found someone considerably slower — Wakefield at 72.8 MPH. Not that this somehow makes Livan less of a sorcerer.

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  5. James Holzhauer says:

    Dave, take five minutes and learn the math behind a seven-game playoff series. Saying the Softbank Hawks have a 30-40% chance against the Red Sox in a seven-game series implies they have a 40-45% chance to win a single game on a neutral field. There is no way in hell that is even close to correct; even the average MLB team can’t win that often against Boston.

    Playoff series aren’t actually coin flips.

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