FanGraphs Chat – 7/28/10

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Dave is a co-founder of and contributes to the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. MattyG says:

    wow dave, did RAJ or Howard sleep with your wife or something? or were you Howard’s left nut in a past life? RAJ has not been that bad of a GM, and while the Howard contract sucks, it’s not so crippling as you infer. and yes, i’d rather have Howard than Werth going forward.

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  2. Andrew says:

    While Amaro deserves every bit of blame for trading Lee, doesn’t he deserve some corresponding credit for getting Lee for very little? In fact, it appears as though he ripped off Mark Shaprio (Sabremetrician Approved Genius, TM), as Amaro correctly valued his own prospects (none of whom look like world beaters now) and was willing to deal them when appropriate.

    Also, I, like many on this site, didn’t agree with signing Ibanez at the time, but according to Fangraphs’ stats, he’s been worth about $18 million so far and been paid a little less than that (he’ll make about 20 by the end of the year, but expecting 2 million more of value to the team between now and the end of the season is hardly unreasonable). If he continues to decline again next year he’ll probably have been overpaid by about $8 million over the life of the contract. Compare that value disparity to that of Mike Cameron’s (universally approved of by the independent group thinkers on this site) contract for 8.25 million this year (and 7.25 next year): Cameron has so far been a full million below replacement level when he’s played (and yes he’s been injured… something that has a tendency to happen to 38 year old centerfielders). Does that (bigger) mistake make Epstein permanently worthy of your scorn? Does Jack Z’s signing of Figgins?

    It’s a little more fair (and you know, based on reality) to say that Amaro’s had some good moves (trading for Lee, trading for Halladay, signing Halladay to an under-market deal, signing Polanco), some good omissions (not re-signing Burrell, keeping Brown through both ace trades), and some bad moves (trading Lee, over paying Howard, although probably by less than Chone Figgins will be overpaid by the Mariners).

    You may weigh these and say the bad moves are so bad as to outweigh the good (in fact, I probably would even agree with you), but to ignore the good moves is simply as silly and shortsighted as you claim Amaro is. And, David, given that you published an article expressing a willingness to trade Roy Halladay for Shields (I hope the Phillies wouldn’t have to chip in too much given their unequal trade value!), I think I’m pretty comfortable with others running my favorite team for now.

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  3. MattyG says:

    Andrew, 100% agreed. Dave has a bug up his ass regarding RAJ. He hasn’t hit on everything, but he’s been aggressive and pretty shrewd. That Cliff Lee thing came out of nowhere last year. He’s substantially upgraded the pitching staff (albeit with some help from ownership on the $$).

    I’m not all xoxo w/ Rube, but he’s a huge upgrade over Dave Cameron.

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