FanGraphs Chat – 7/6/11

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  1. James says:

    Could it be said that Morrow throws too many pitches per PA to match that FIP? It seems like if he has even a marginally long inning (where say, 2 runs score) he has to throw 30+ pitches. This means he only ends up going 5 innings more often where a more economical pitcher could got 6 or 7. And that keeps his ERA up.

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  2. Chicago Mark says:

    Why do Dave and others post questions regarding the possible hall for Felix Hernandez (and similar questions) only to state the obvious, “he’s not on the block”? Why not hypothisize (my spelling stinks) on the hall or not post the questin at all. The question and answer added no value to the chat for me. Did it for others?

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    • Skeptic says:

      Agreed. You will get killed for talking bad about Dave on here, but he is willing to look at “what could be” with people he wants, but not with others.

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  3. Chicago Mark says:

    Thanks for the feedback Skep. I probably didn’t write it correctly. I meant it as constructive. But there were probably half a dozen questions that were posted and answered that added no value to the chat. Maybe my sense of humor stinks.

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  4. Patrick says:

    WHo are your guys current buy lows? I see Matt Garza being very good with his k/9 and xFIP vs ERA. Any other suggestions?

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    • holls says:

      depends what league you are in. if its H2h where wins are valuable then hes not $. ROTO hes more valued.

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  5. Heyward says:

    Jurrjens has a GB% of 43.8 this year. His career GB% is 44.8. How has he become a GB pitcher?

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  6. How do I find out about these chats and participate? I want to know why Kershaw is underperforming his FIP by 60 points.

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  7. GrouchoM says:

    Unsurprisingly, Dave’s internet connection “died” once he was forced to say something nice about anyone in the Cubs’ organization.

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