FanGraphs Chat – 8/10/11

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  1. James says:

    Bob Loblaw, you sir are a mouthful

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  2. Rome says:

    I never gave a shit about players taking steroids. In fact, there are arguments to suggest that it doesn’t have the effects on a player’s game that many people believe it to have. If you take into account the fact that the sport is as skill intensive as it is, this becomes more believable. The reason why Gregg Maddux was so great was that he could disrupt the timing of hitters. When you take that away from pitchers then you are truly destroying the integrity of the game. You could give Alex Gonzalez all the steroids in the world and he would still suck. I’m willing to bet if he knew what pitches were coming that he would be exceedingly more valuable to the team (Obviously, not a Bonds). So yes, I do in fact care. Especially considering how nice it was to root for the underdogs in a hopeless division.

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    • BL says:

      If you read a chapter for “Scorecasting” I think you will see there is some evidence of PEDs (such as steroids) having a positive effect on a player’s performance.

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  3. Rome says:

    Sorry, that was in reference to the Blue Jays stealing signs.

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  4. buck turgidson says:

    Kimbrel is my fave for NL ROY.

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    • Jesse says:

      have to agree with, While Espinosa holds a small lead in WAR (3.1 vs 2.6) Espinosa ghastly 168/233/274 line since the All star break may have done him in.

      Most impressive: Kimbel 2.6 WAR ranks 18th among all NL starters

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