FanGraphs Chat – 8/3/11

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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  1. Andrew Kelly says:

    Glad you’re feeling well Dave! Stay strong, we’re rooting for you. Also if it wasn’t for you and guys like DMZ and Jeff Sullivan, I wouldn’t have gotten so interested in sabermetrics. Thanks for making Mariner’s fans the smartest fanbase in baseball.

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  2. Jamie says:

    Comment From Nik
    Do the Phillies now have the best offense in the NL?

    Dave Cameron: Not even close.

    since utley came back only the cardinals have a better r/g than the phils. with pence i do believe they’re very close in terms of offensive ability

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  3. hatter says:

    phillies got a shieeettty offense… glad they got pence for the push, theyre going to need him.

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