FanGraphs Chat – 9/12/12

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  1. Mike says:

    Can we view an 11 f-WAR season from Mantle as impressive as an 11 f-WAR season from Trout in 2012? I know the metric adjusts for park factors and era, but common sense seems to dictate that the game is far more competitive today, and, as a result, Trout’s feat is more impressive.

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  2. Dustin says:

    I think you have to view it as performance relative to their peers, and judge the impressiveness like that. Jesse Owens personal best in the 100 was in the 10.2’s. In the 200 it was 20.7. Relative to his peers, he was a world beater. Advancements in training and nutrition(and equipment in some sports) have allowed for markedly improved performances over the last 100 years, but we still need to compare within the era to get a context for individual greatness. I have a feeling Mantle would still have been great if he was born in 1981 instead of 1931.

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    • guest says:

      I agree with the person that said that today things are much more competitive. At all levels, middle school, HS, college, semi-pro, Pro’s, everybody is specializing in one sporting event. Conversely, in the old days you could not train that much and just be one of the best due to natural ability. Nobody can do that now; less-talented people will just work their butts off to beat you.

      The nutrition thing for track (my specialty) is not that big; what IS big is training. Back then people didn’t train very much. Roger Bannister broke 4 minutes for the mile while doing like 15 miles week and while in med school, which was very low even for those days. Those days they did like 20 miles/week because they thought that it was harmful to run so much. Nowadays, an elite miler does from 60-80 miles per week with cross training, lifting.

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  3. twinmh says:

    Do you realize you said Pagan would be paid $7,000,000 per year, and not get rich? How much are they paying at FanGraphs, and do you have any openings?

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    • Alex says:

      He said that those types of players don’t get THAT much in the open market. Relative to the big bat, power types

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  4. ausmax says:

    The GM efficiency comments made me want to see an article that shows wins/dollar over the tenure of various GMs. Wouldn’t this be the best metric for comparing GMs to each other?

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  5. Aggie E says:

    Comparing Mark trumbo to Josh Hamilton is a joke right?

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