FanGraphs Chat – 9/5/12

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

5 Responses to “FanGraphs Chat – 9/5/12”

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  1. Brent says:

    Read your article on Dan Uggla – despite his struggles, does it really make sense to replace him with Constanza against righties? I realize Uggla is not very good any more, but Constanza is just awful on offense, and really not that good on defense either.

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  2. jonny says:

    Cabby plays hurt, everyday, switches positions to accommodate his team, and still gets no love whatsoever. So typical. When Hamilton sat for over a month of the season, these writers still voted against him.

    Maybe Dave would follow him a little closer if he could stop giving Trout the ole reach around every day.

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    • jonny says:

      I should have been more clear. The year Hamilton won the MVP, when he missed the final 5 or so weeks…Now there is a new All-American whitey the BBWAA fawns over in town by the name of Trout.

      Notice how they even hyped up the story about Hamilton’s recovery from drug addiction but the only time Cabrera’s substance issue is brought up is in a jibe about his weight or being hungover (and never about his successful recovery). There is definitely a double-standard.

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  3. CabreraDeath says:

    Dave needs to watch Cutch and the Pirates more. UZR is clearly wrong on his effectiveness in CF, in my opinion, just based on eye-test and fluctuation from last year. Dude covers a bunch of ground in CF….

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  4. Jason says:

    The one fan wondered if the Orioles had a chance to sustain their success(unlike the the dbacks last year), but the dbacks did everything that Cameron named.

    They upgraded weaknesses, brought everyone back for another year, and kept developing talent. The truth is, sometimes your talent plays over its ability and sometimes they don’t. Baseball is a lucky game unless you have consistent superstars.

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