FanGraphs iPhone App $0.99 Sale Today!

As the title says, the FanGraphs iPhone app is discounted to $0.99 for today only!

The app will of course include data for the 2013 season and already has the 2013 Bill James Handbook Projections available in the player pages.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

7 Responses to “FanGraphs iPhone App $0.99 Sale Today!”

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  1. hbcobra says:

    Any plans for an Android app?

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    • Ryan says:

      You’d think they’d get on it — I’m sure more FG readers are Android users than iOS users. Oh well, I’ll keep my dollar.

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  2. jwise224 says:

    You can’t spend $0.99 any better than this!

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  3. Omar says:

    I have this thing on my phone called an internet browser. I just type in and viola! save $0.99!

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  4. Dan says:

    Very mixed reviews for this in the app store. Seems the major complaint is a lack of features and that it only scratches the surface of what’s on the website. It’s also only available in landscape mode, which isn’t a big deal but is kinda strange. My own personal complaint would be that you can’t access the blog articles from the app, so you need to go the website anyway.

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  5. Glen says:

    Hate to say it (I’ve had the app since launch), but it’s not even worth $0.99, much less the full price. No updates, very little information on the app, and I use it mostly as just a shortcut to the website.

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