FanGraphs Meetup in Boston: August 16th

With several FanGraphs authors descending on Boston for the 2013 Saber Seminar, we’ve decided to put together a meet up. On Friday night, August 16th, we will be gathering at The Mead Hall in Cambridge beginning at 7 pm. The Mead Hall has over 100 beers on tap, and we’ll hang out in their upstairs area and watch the first game of the Red Sox/Yankees series.

Among the FanGraphs crew in attendance:

David Appelman
Dave Cameron
Paul Swydan
Bill Petti
Steve Slowinski
David Laurila
Carson Cistulli

Because a lot of smart baseball folks will be in town for the weekend conference, expect a few guests — perhaps some even named Bannister, Brooks, and Pavlidis, potentially — to be there as well. If you haven’t been to a FanGraphs meet up before, it’s a great time to just watch baseball and interact with others who generally think math is okay.

We look forward to seeing you guys there.

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Dave is a co-founder of and contributes to the Wall Street Journal.

44 Responses to “FanGraphs Meetup in Boston: August 16th”

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  1. IZZY2112 says:

    Is it 21+?

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  2. maxamuz says:

    No ENO? Who will I talk Lucas Duda with?

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  3. lorecore says:

    If Fangraphs ever comes to Philadelphia, can we just form an angry mob and riot Amaro’s office instead of a meet up?

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  4. Max says:

    come to NY!!!

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  5. Scott says:

    Phenomenal venue choice! I’ll be there!

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  6. Paul B. says:

    Come to Toronto please, i hate being 20 and not able to go to these things.

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  7. Danny says:

    Looking forward to it!

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  8. Billy says:

    Sounds fun. How many people are usually at these sorts of things?

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  9. cougs4bcs says:

    Good thing Jeff will be hanging out with me, Felix, Seags, and Bobby Ayala. Always a good night with the gang

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  10. Spunky says:

    I can’t wait to attend! Thank you all for organizing this!

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  11. David Bruno says:

    I fly into Boston from Chicago late night Friday and won’t be able to attend. Will see you guys at the conference instead. Can’t wait!

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  12. Brian Cartwright says:

    I’ll be there, looking forward to meeting several of the FanGraphs crew for the first time.

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  13. kdm628496 says:

    shucks. i bought spinners tickets for that friday night since i didn’t think anything else was happening. oh well, see you guys at the seminar.

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  14. saskatunes says:

    nice! will try to make it. need to find out once and for all if cistulli is a real person or not.

    if anyone’s on the fence, they serve all beers in the brewery’s own style-appropriate glass, which is kind of unnecessary but awesome.

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  15. long dong silvers says:

    One of you lucky girls might get to visit DC’s hotel room later too.

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  16. Tyler Norton says:

    Will be there for sure. Cannot wait.

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  17. Looking forward to it – one of my fave bars from my Boston days.

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  18. jswede says:

    Dave Cameron: your ESPN article on the Tribe is, in a word, bizarre. With cherry-picked stats (and omissions) and weak arguments (young players are not supposed to improve?), I can’t help but think you were asked by ESPN to write an article with the title “Why the Indians’ Success Won’t last”, and you obliged.

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  19. vdandrea says:

    I will be in town for the conference (and just because I live in Boston) — I’ve never met any of the people who are planning to be in attendence or even have the slightest idea of what any of you look like. Friday nights can be pretty crowded at Mead Hall…is there any way I’ll be able to locate you in the bar so I know who to talk to?

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  20. tehzachatak says:

    BeerGraphs East meetup? No? Dammit.

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  21. Scott Gilroy says:

    Ill be there after the game. Provided you guys are still there

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  22. Patrick says:

    Is there any plan for any kind of a meet up on Saturday evening? I’ve got an invitation I can’t really refuse on Friday, but I’m attending the conference.

    If not, I might just try to harass people in to it.

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  23. Joe says:

    I’m not sure if David Cone is going to be doing the Yankee-Red Sox game Friday night but if he is, you guys should get him to show up to this after the game. He’s probably the best analyst in baseball because he makes jokes about getting drunk and talks about sabermetrics. Why not combine the two things?

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  24. Turbo Sloth says:

    Damn I miss living in Boston. Hartford just ain’t the same.

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  25. rotobanter says:

    Jealous. Mn would love to host you guys …for a mn-Mets matchup this Monday….not nearly as cool because its rotobanter and not fangraphs, twins and Mets instead of yanks and sox, Monday vs. Friday and well… minneapolis vs. Boston.

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  26. Goodbread says:

    How am I only seeing this now? Love Mead Hall too. Second best beer list in Boston.

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  27. AHume92 says:

    Does Fangraphs ever plan on having a meetup in Toronto?

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  28. GilaMonster says:

    Odd Question, but why didn’t we do a Red Sox-Yankee game meetup?

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