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FanGraphs Meetup in Boston: August 16th

With several FanGraphs authors descending on Boston for the 2013 Saber Seminar, we’ve decided to put together a meet up. On Friday night, August 16th, we will be gathering at The Mead Hall in Cambridge beginning at 7 pm. The Mead Hall has over 100 beers on tap, and we’ll hang out in their upstairs area and watch the first game of the Red Sox/Yankees series.

Among the FanGraphs crew in attendance:

David Appelman
Dave Cameron
Paul Swydan
Bill Petti
Steve Slowinski
David Laurila
Carson Cistulli

Because a lot of smart baseball folks will be in town for the weekend conference, expect a few guests — perhaps some even named Bannister, Brooks, and Pavlidis, potentially — to be there as well. If you haven’t been to a FanGraphs meet up before, it’s a great time to just watch baseball and interact with others who generally think math is okay.

We look forward to seeing you guys there.