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FanGraphs+ Player-Profile Game: Question #3

Play the player-profile game again tomorrow — in this case, at 1:00pm ET. We’re giving away a free annual subscription to FanGraphs+ to the first reader who guesses correctly the identity of that day’s mystery player. (Limit one copy per customer).

FanGraphs+ is here, and it’s time for another edition of the Player-Profile game. Come on down!

If you can guess which player is the subject of the following player cap, without looking through your current subscription to FG+, you can win a braaaaand new caaaaaar! Or a subscription to FG+. Yeah that second thing. You can’t have a car.

From the mind of Michael Barr, and yes we’re making this one tougher, you guys are too good at this:

The ball seems to detonate out of [Player]’s hand. He has a delivery that’s anything but smooth, yet watching him touch 100 mph looks pretty effortless. [Player] doesn’t have a defined role other than late-inning reliever, but take a chance on him in holds leagues in case he settles into the eighth-inning guy. If he does, watch the strikeouts and holds pile up while you wait for his closing opportunity to arrive.