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Here at FanGraphs, you are treated with a smorgasbord of baseballery. From research on aging curves to in-depth mustache analysis, the pages are filled with the base and ball dreams of a true diamond-level nerd.

And so it’s true of our premium product that all the different parts of baseball are represented. Ostensibly, the ‘annual’ portion of FanGraphs+ is fantasy-baseball-centered, but that doesn’t mean that your average non-roto baseball lover won’t find something to enjoy. Take Dan Wade’s investigation into reaching on error as a skill. Or Jeff Zimmerman looking at adjustment times for position players switching leagues. Hey, even if you hate closers, you might be interested in Jack Moore’s attempt to predict closer changes with a stat found on our leaderboards. And with the purchase of FanGraphs+, you’ll also get free access to the analysis we provide ESPNInsider on a weekly basis.

NotGraphs? Our staff painstakingly produced 1113 player caps. There are only 750 players on opening day rosters, and even with our near-200 prospect caps — which, by the way, are full of observations from Marc Hulet, Mike Newman, Jason Catania, J.D. Sussman and others — that leaves almost 200 players that probably shouldn’t get a player cap. Enter the wit of our glorious Notters, who will leave little nuggets of laughter for you on the unexpected player page. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a question in your heart: Why was I looking at Vincente Padilla’s player page anyway?

And yes, it’s also a fantasy product. Later this week, we’ll give you Auction Values on the projections leaderboards. Chad Young already gave ottoneu players auction values for all scoring settings. Between Michael Barr, Mike Podhorzer and I, you’re set in preparing for your draft, no matter what style it is. And then there are the rookies! Marc Hulet gets the top-notch ones, Carson Cistulli rummages through the bargain bin, and Chris Cwik tells you why you shouldn’t care about any of them.

So it is my sincere hope that you support your favorite writers, as they worked hard on this virtual book for your enjoyment. For less than five bucks, you can enjoy unique content while giving FanGraphs a little pat on the butt for a good job, and a good effort.

Here’s what you’ll get, for $4.99:

Impact Fantasy Rookies for 2013, by Marc Hulet
Basic Questions: Potentially Useful, If Marginal, Prospects, by Carson Cistulli
Should You Draft a Prospect In Your Re-Draft League? by Chris Cwik
Finding The Next Fernando Rodney, by Jack Moore
Is There An Adjustment Time for Players Changing Leagues? by Jeff Zimmerman
Snake Draft 401, by Michael Barr
Auction Strategy and Strategies, by Eno Sarris
Do Speedy Players Really Put Pressure on a Defense? by Dan Wade
Projecting X: How to Project Players, by Mike Podhorzer
Auction Values For All Three ottoneu Formats, by Chad Young

* 1100+ Player Capsules
* Auction Values for OBP, mixed-league, AL- and NL-only leagues [available]
* Year-long access to FanGraphs content special to ESPN Insider
* Undying gratitude of one very tired editor

The FanGraphs+ Profile Game!

We’ll be giving away some free subscriptions this week, every day, at this time. Well, I was a little late today. Expect future games at 1pm ET this week, Tuesday-Friday. To play, all you have to do is guess who this profile was written about!

[PLAYER] struggles against fastballs, and is Michael-Jackson-bad against all other pitches. In an alternate world in which the [TEAM] actually cared about the difference between 61 and 65 wins, [PLAYER] does not get 303 plate appearances last season. But in this world, where [TEAM] is suppressing arbitration clocks and dropping bench players into starting roles, [PLAYER] gets 303 PA. Barring something magical, do not put [PLAYER] on your fantasy team in 2013. (Bradley Woodrum)

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