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FanGraphs San Francisco Meetup — Tonight!

It’s more fun to nerd it up in groups, I promise. You can only shake your fist at the computer so long before you look (and feel) like a crazy person. So, if you are in the bay area, come watch some wild card game wildness with FanGraphs friends and family at the 21st Amendment in Downtown San Francisco any time after four on October 5th. We’ll be upstairs, most likely, but you can always check my twitter feed closer to the event for updates.

Come heckle us, Friday October 5th at the 21st Amendment brewpub:

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs Writer, RotoGraphs Editor
Wendy Thurm, FanGraphs Writer *
Howard Bender, RotoGraphs Writer
Noah Jackson, Former MLB Scout and Founder, First Base Foundation
Patrick Newman, NPB Tracker
Erik Malinowski, Freelance and Deadspin
Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy
Scott Willis, Bay Area Sports Guy and Crazy Crabbers
Hannah Ehrlich, River Avenue Blues *

We’ll see about Wendy and Hannah, as they will be at the A’s wild card game if it’s home. But the rest of us will definitely be hanging out, and there will be some free food and happy hour pricing. If you are under 21, it’s fine, 21A is a brew pub, you can come upstairs and talk with us over cheesy fried things like the rest of us aged baseball nerds, just with a soda in hand.