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For a couple years now I’ve wanted to get better splits up and running on FanGraphs, but other things have taken priority. We’ve had Lefty/Right and Home/Away splits in the graphs sections for almost four years, but never have there been any tabular splits.

In the player pages, there’s a new section called “Splits”. It’s right next to the season stats tab:

Give it a click and you’ll have access to Lefty/Righty, Home/Away, Monthly, Batted Ball, Location, and Leverage splits, with the full selection of stats from the “Standard”, “Advanced” and “Batted Ball” sections.

You can then browse the splits by individual season, comparing one split to another, or you can take a look at the career tab, where you’ll be able to see how a player has fared in a particular split over time. If you just want to see the career total lines, you can collapse the individual season by clicking on the “Show Season Splits” button.

Splits are currently available for all Major League players dating back to 2002. As always, if you have any feedback, or notice anything’s not working as expected, just let me know.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. R M says:

    This is a great add David, thanks.

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  2. Nick says:



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  3. Jason W. says:

    I’m with Nick.

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  4. JDanger says:

    just great. now i won’t be leaving my apartment for the next two weeks.

    thanks guys.

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  5. berselius says:

    Having a nerdgasm here. Great addition guys!

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  6. vivaelpujols says:

    Hey Dave, this is amazing. There were a couple of comments today on Viva El Birdos about why FanGraphs doesn’t have splits…

    …and then I go to FanGraphs and see this. Awesome.

    Just one request. Could you make it so we can see the league average splits as well?

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  7. TCQ says:

    This is terrific.

    Pretty much means the only thing I’d ever go to baseball-ref for now is that really cool thing where you can select a custom period of time(June 17 to September 8 or whatever) and see a player’s stats for the time frame. But don’t add that; wouldn’t want to put them out of business…

    Seriously though, you guys are awesome. Thank you, David!

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    • Bret says:

      That and they have position information by games played for players in the minors… That’s handy too

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    • Hark says:

      B-R’s splits tool is far more powerful. For example specifically regarding pitchers:

      It’s not just L/R, home/away and month-to-month splits, which is what Fangraphs has.

      It includes role (sterter versus reliever), count situation, plate appearance (1st? 2nd? 3rd? time through the lineup), based on outcome (useful for seeing consistency: in wins, are they better, or is it luck? save situations? non-saves?), versus lead off hitters, on-base, outs recorded, inning-to-inning, days of rest, batted ball hit location (wish it could be digitized into a spray chart, but alas), team splits, game conditions (day/night, open, dome, grass, turf), ballparks and by which catcher they’re throwing to. It’s insane.

      Props to Dave and the gang here for the update, but B-R is still quite useful.

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      • TCQ says:

        It’s really powerful, but most of it isn’t particularly useful(I personally just don’t care about day/night splits and the like). Damn if I don’t like screwing around with time-period stats, though.

        And the info Bret mentioned is neat, too.

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  8. Kevin S. says:

    Oh my god, this is orgasmic.

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  9. Huge help. Big step forward for the Site, eliminates my need to click back and forth from Baseball-Reference to here. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

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  10. Patrick says:


    One important comment:

    You are an absolute stud. Thanks so much. You’re going to slowly drive the other stat reference sites out of business at this rate…

    Your hard work is very much appreciated.

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  11. Lucas A. says:

    Fangraphs just keeps getting better …

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  12. Patrick M says:

    Any chance we’ll see this applied to the Teams section as well? So we could, for example, compare which players on a given team are raking against lefties best. Lookin at how the Teams page is formatted, I’m not sure how you would incorporated it. But it would be much appreciated.

    Still great to see it on the individual pages. Big improvement to an already invaluble site!

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  13. Phildo3000 says:

    This would be really cool to see in the “My Team” area!

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  14. HarbingerOfMonotony says:

    The addition of splits instantaneously makes one of the best online baseball statistics resources arguably THE best baseball statistics database. Thank you very much, FanGraphs.

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  15. Mojowo11 says:

    Oh lordy lord, the one thing FanGraphs didn’t have. I love this site.

    Now my only request is an increase in functionality for the iPhone app.

    Regardless, this is the best baseball statistics site on the interweblings, bar none. Thanks for all your hard work in building this community.

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  16. Jimbo says:

    Dear Fangraphs,

    Unfortunately, I don’t need a rental car at the moment. But I promise to start paying better attention to your advertisers.



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  17. Dan Novick says:

    The career splits are damn near impossible to read, especially for a player with a long career.

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  18. BJ McKay says:

    I wonder if anyone will ever do PROJECTION SPLITS.

    That. Would. Be. AWESOME.

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  19. Patrick says:


    It’s Interwebblags. Seriously!

    …. :p :)

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  20. TrustBaseball says:

    This is a wonderful addition. Thank you for all your hard work.

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  21. This is a great addition to a great site. This should irk the people who have been questioning the use of splits in comments, maybe it will get new converts.

    Thanks for everything!

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  22. And That says:

    Thanks for adding this. One less reason to rely on other stats sites to get data. However, how about 3-year splits? Would seem to be a good bridge between “Career” and individual seasons.

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  23. Bodhizefa says:

    My roto research prayers have been answered!

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  24. LordSirDave says:

    Yet another great addition to a wonderful site.
    Would I be out of line to ask that these useful stats be added to the leaderboards as well? It would be great to compare players’ split stats, especially vs.R/vs.L


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  25. Bobby Boden says:

    Great addition, another split that would be useful, would be a pre/post allstar split.

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  26. Tim In Missouri says:

    This is AWESOME. As a complete amateur this was the only thing I noticed as missing from this great site when I started using it 2 months ago. Well done.

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  27. Matty Brown says:

    marry me

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  28. gmat2 says:


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  29. AInquisition says:

    … and I jizzed in my pants!

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  30. xeifrank says:

    Yes, this is great that Fangraphs is rolling out split data. I would really like to see (as mentioned above one time) splits as part of the “Leaders” output. I would like to export a list of all LHB vs LHP, LHB vs RHP, RHB vs RHP, RHB vs LHP. Having this option would finally make me cancel my baseball reference subscription.
    vr, Xei

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  31. Stan S. says:

    Thank you so much. That was the only thing missing from your player pages.

    You are now my #1 baseball reference site!

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  32. Bodhizefa says:

    I second the motion for iPhone app splits, por favor.

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  33. jw says:

    Any chance we can get pitch value splits? It would be very useful in seeing how left handers hit certain pitches from certain pitches better than right handers, and hopefully explain some of these vast platoon split divides.

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  34. Danny says:

    Is there any way you guys could add pitch type to the splits? I’d love to see what pitches pitchers tend to throw in certain counts and base/out situations.

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  35. kanalgabi says:


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