FanGraphs T-Shirts

All sizes of FanGraphs T-Shirts are now back in stock! Huge thanks to all those who have already bought them to show their support for the site!

If anyone has ideas for what they’d like to see on future FanGraphs T-Shirts, please send us a note via our contact form.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

34 Responses to “FanGraphs T-Shirts”

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  1. sean says:

    How do the shirts fit? What brand are they?

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    • verd14 says:

      They are a nice beefy T, and fit true to size.

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    • Hatfield says:

      Mine really makes my triceps pop.

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      • JDanger says:

        Mine really makes my triceratops pop. Soda pop. From scratch. The t-shirt mixes the syrup and carbonation right there in front of me and then offers it to my pet triceratops. It’s a bizarre scene.

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    • bstar says:

      Can anyone who owns a XXL give me some feedback as to how they fit? I tried posting this in the forum but got no response. Do the XXL come down to your knees? I have concerns about my burgeoning beer gut shoehorning into an XL.

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  2. Uncle Randy says:

    I’d buy one if you had a nicer design. They’re boring.

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  3. tmh says:

    The shirts can be simple and still look good. The large logo across the chest is fairly tacky. Something a little less loud would look nicer IMHO. Maybe a small logo over the front breast with a larger logo across the back? A front breast pocket might even be nice – gotta have somewhere to put the calculator!

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  4. craigtyle says:

    A long-sleeve option would be nice.

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  5. Joshsaysgomo says:

    I know it would only be a $5 dollar difference, but I’d be more inclined to buy for $15 over $20.

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  6. Choo says:

    Or maybe a casual eggplant velour corduroy 2-piece suit with leather trim and brass buttons.

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  7. Dave S says:

    Pockets and long sleeves are good ideas. How about sweatshirts and/or hoodies?… or…


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  8. ben says:

    Jesus Christ. If anyone ever needed proof that Fangraphs commenters split hairs, this is would be the first thread to go to.

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  9. Surrealistic Pillow says:

    Tank tops plz, need to show off the pipes along with a sabermetric acumen.

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  10. allisauce says:

    An all green T with just the logo would be boss.

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  11. Max says:

    How about you give us permission to use your logo and then we can all go to CustomInk and make our own shirts?

    (I would like a green shirt. Green is a good color. It shouldn’t be restricted to a little rectangle.)

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  12. kid says:

    We need Fangraphs bra and panty sets for the women in our lives… Wives, girlfriends, moms, ya know.

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  13. Fan of home team says:

    I’d love a shirt that said, “FanGraphs: Ripping on Yuniesky Betancourt since 2007″. (Or whatever year this site came to be)

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  14. Brandon B says:

    To further extend the green T-shirt idea, having the shadowed hitter with the white bars in the center of the shirt with fangraphs underneath would be excellent, but to complete the look have on the back “We go dateless.” Instant classic.

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  15. Derrick says:

    What is the shipping to Canada?

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  16. adohaj says:

    Best purchase of my life

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  17. Matt Mosher says:

    This is the funniest effing thread I’ve ever seen here….good stuff!

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  18. Liam says:

    Can’t wait to wear these with my cargo pants (with my N64 controllers) and my fresh New Balances.

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