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Here’s a timeline of FanGraphs I put together for the Second Opinion intro, but just didn’t make it in there. I had totally forgotten that when the site first launched it didn’t even have BABIP (I think it might have been there under a different name: H%).

(click for full size image)

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. vtadave says:

    Amazing how far this site has come, even over the last year. It’s easily among my top-five most frequently visited sites.

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  2. Bradley says:

    *Raises Glass*

    Here’s to another 5 great years!

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  3. Dave Cameron says:

    There’s only one real question – what were you doing in the summer of 2006 and the entirety of 2007?

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  4. verd14 says:

    That’s a handsome timeline.

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  5. panicstreak says:

    Just a thanks for consistently putting out good information for free. I understand it takes a ton of time and commitment to put out even average content, and as the content here is consistently solid, the contributors here deserve a solid pat on the back. (even though sometimes I disagree with their opinions) Well done gents.

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  6. Cool timeline – and I’m loving the podcast!

    Question for you guys: Have you read the comments Red Sox GM Theo Epstein made about UZR? (He doesn’t refer to UZR by name, but it appears to be what he’s referring to.) I’d be curious to read your response to what Theo has said.

    He makes the comments in this article, under the “Did Ellsbury have problems in center last year?” question:

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    • Alan Marshall says:

      That certainly looks like UZR he’s referring to. I tend to share Theo’s skepticism on UZR.

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      • Bradley says:

        To the degree that UZR requires such a large sample size (3+ seasons) to be definitive, I can understand Theo’s mistrust. I imagine the Red Sox have some proprietary system that combines both real data and scouting in such a way as to more accurately understand a single season of fielding.

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      • You cannot take what Theo said at face value. You think even if he thought or his stats showed that Ellsbury was a crummy fielder he would come out and say it?

        He basically sandbagged UZR, and not even by name, or without giving a shred of evidence. It’s a his word against yours type of thing.

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      • verd14 says:

        @ daver thanks for that link.

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  7. roc says:

    Looks like most of the work around here gets done in the winter.

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  8. DJbeasties says:

    I prefer H% to BABIP. Much easier to say and it seems to be clearer to anyone who is newer to the stat.

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  9. NielHbrand says:

    What program did you use to create your timeline?

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