Fans Scouting Report on FanGraphs!

I’m pleased to announce that FanGraphs is now carrying the results of the Fans Scouting Report, conducted each year by Tangotiger. We currently have 2009 and 2010, but plan to eventually get all the years going back to 2003.

Right now it’s available in each of the player pages in both the “Advanced Fielding” section and its own section. It will soon make it’s way to the leaderboards and team pages.

The one thing that you probably need to know is:

FSR – Runs above average for fans scouting report.

Other than that, everything is on a 0 – 100 scale, with 50 being the average.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

6 Responses to “Fans Scouting Report on FanGraphs!”

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  1. Piccamo says:

    That’s a pretty cool feature. The glossary link in that section still points to the same place as the Standard section. Also, why did you guys remove the Salary component in the Value section?

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  2. delv says:

    Excellent! You can now compare year-to-year more easily than on Tango’s site, and thus come up with some fascinating stuff. For example, through that Pujols link you posted, you can see that fans averaged towards virtually the same numbers between 09 and 10, which lends credibility to Tango’s idea. What about 08 and prior, though?

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  3. jinaz says:


    Is the FSR number runs per season (like UZR/150) or runs pro-rated to innings played?


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