FG on Fox: Clayton Kershaw Getting Better?

Take a quick glance and you might not be particularly encouraged by what Clayton Kershaw has done since returning from the disabled list.

There’s nothing wrong with a 3.32 ERA, but Kershaw hasn’t finished with an ERA that high since he was a rookie. You’d be tempted to think Kershaw’s under-performance is one of the reasons the Dodgers are looking up at the Giants in the standings.

But we can go deeper than this. For one thing, it’s worth acknowledging Kershaw’s one disastrous start against the Diamondbacks. This is bad analysis, but if you forgive Kershaw for a bad day, his ERA drops from 3.32 to 1.94. He’s been outstanding, except for once.

And we don’t even need to mess around with ERA anyway, since we have more meaningful numbers at our disposal. If you believe what the numbers are saying, Clayton Kershaw might’ve somehow improved. It all comes out of the following foundation: the very best pitchers get strikeouts, limit walks, and limit homers. In order to limit homers, it’s preferable to limit fly balls.

Read the rest on FoxSports.com.

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  1. The National League says:


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  2. JMo37 says:

    I opened up the article to READ IT HERE.

    Not going to FoxSports…Poor Form Sullivan

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  3. channelclemente says:

    I wonder if Sullivan feels dirty, writing for Faux Sports. Shower dude, and wipe the stuff off your shoes and think about what your mama would say about it.

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  4. The Foils says:

    Any thoughts on his Pitchf/x game charts?

    When last I looked, he seems to be missing the clusters of sliders and curves that have the bottom truly and goodly fall all the way out of them that he has had in years past.

    Anyone else see this, agree, and have an explanation?

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  5. ivdown says:

    What I love about this season is the fact that even though his ERA is as high as it is, he has still been dominant as hell. His FIP is the best in baseball, same with SIERRA. Like you said if you take out that start against Arizona, his ERA reflects his season so much better.

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  6. Park Chan ho's Beard says:

    All the image links are broken on the fox website, at least for me. Is it just me??

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  7. Brendan says:

    One thing to note: you mention that he is throwing less high pitches and more low pitches, likely accounting for the increase in GB%. However, his HR/9 and HR/FB are both up this year. Probably just a case of SSS at this point, as I’m not sure how that would really make sense, but something to keep an eye on.

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