FG on Fox: Going Deep With Sam Fuld

Sam Fuld is not your typical outfielder, maybe. There’s an active brain at work out there. Often it wonders what the numbers say about this beautiful game.

Fuld’s history sounds like the backstory for a baseball analyst. He carried around a book of baseball stats when he was five. He went to Phillips Exeter, one of the best prep schools in the country. He has a degree in economics from Stanford. He read Moneyball and was inspired to complete an internship at STATS Inc.

Sam Fuld once said “The beauty of numbers is that our minds don’t necessarily capture the whole picture accurately. Our emotions remember certain things for whatever reason, and there are certain things you don’t remember…. that’s the beauty of numbers. It’s fact. There’s no way around it.”

So, before a game against his old team — the also openly nerdy Tampa Bay Rays — I thought I’d ask him what he was thinking about out there when the games got long.

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  1. ReuschelCakes says:

    Great article!

    Should / could we assume that Chris Tillman is doing something wrong? He has the “highest” rise and yet underperforms even the means for swinging strikes and pop-ups…

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    • Eno Sarris says:
      FanGraphs Supporting Member

      His fastball is about the straightest out there when it comes to horizontal movement, about three inches straighter than average. I think that’s a big part of it.

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  2. BaseballTwat says:

    Hey look he’s talking about something nerdy that doesn’t correlate to pitching performance…The Cult of Sam Fuld continues.

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  3. Michael says:

    I wonder is there a “best” location to throw the riseball? If the sinker is low is the rise high? Or is it better thrown below the strike zone and letting it rise back in?

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  4. Johnston says:

    Sam Fuld sounds like a future GM to me.

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  5. Go Nats says:

    Sum Fuld is a cool player. Great brains and defense! Waaay Cool!

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  6. LHPSU says:

    Completely unrelated, but Sean Doolittle’s piece on ESPN today is a must-read.

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  7. poach says:

    “It’s not physically possible for a ball to rise” – FALSE.

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