FG on Fox: Moving On Without Yadier Molina

Thursday was a rough day for baseball on the injury front. For Cincinnati, Brandon Phillips was diagnosed with a thumb injury that’ll knock him out a month and a half. For New York, Masahiro Tanaka was diagnosed with an elbow injury that’ll knock him out at least a month and a half. And for St. Louis, Yadier Molina was diagnosed with a thumb injury that’ll knock him out for 8 to 12 weeks. All of these teams, of course, are trying to make the playoffs, and all of these players, of course, are important.

The commonality: significant injuries. Upon deeper investigation, though, the injuries have different meanings. The Reds should be able to survive without Phillips, who’s no longer a star. The Yankees could be devastated without Tanaka, who’s all but irreplaceable and who might still eventually need Tommy John surgery. And the Cardinals should be able to survive without Molina, even though he is still a star, unlike Phillips. Other than Adam Wainwright, Molina’s the most valuable player on that ballclub, but even still, the Cardinals aren’t in a terrible situation.

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  1. Radermecher says:

    Jeff,Yady is our on field piching coach,slash captain.We lose much more than the numbers would indicate.Never have the Brew crew or Pirates had a better chance to make some hay.

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    • asdf says:

      …can’t tell if trolling…

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    • Baltar says:

      More concretely, there is also Yadier’s pitch framing, which Jeff is normally a big proponent of. Add at least 1 more lost win for that.
      I favored the Cards to win their division before this injury, but now I have some doubts.
      The good news is that the Pirates, whom I like, will have a better chance.

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  2. My echo and bunnymen says:

    Masahiro Tanaka, who’s all but irreplaceable. I would think for the Yankees he is very much irreplaceable. Is there some piece that is available on the market currently or in the future that could easily replace his production? Or am I misinterpreting this statement?

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    • cnote66 says:

      Losing Tanaka is the death of the NYY playoff chances. Guy has a winning record, whereas the rest of the Yankee starters combine for a sub-500 winning %. NYY cant reach down into AAA for a quailty arm and no way to replace him via a trade. Sayounara 2014 NYY playoff chances.

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      • Ian R. says:

        Claim: Losing Masahiro Tanaka ruins the Yankees’ playoff chances.

        Supporting Evidence: Some stuff about pitcher wins and losses.

        I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better example of “good result, bad process.”

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  3. Kenny says:

    John Jaso for Kolten Wong and Aledmys Diaz.

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  4. bmarkham says:

    Ian Kennedy is an interesting upgrade. You get a year and half for presumably a lot cheaper than Price. Waino is pitching with tennis elbow and it’s showing in his numbers, Shelby has been a massive disappointment with no reason to improve. Wacha’s contribution to 2014 is of course unknown. Kennedy would be able to take a lot of starts from either Kelly or Miller. Also Martinez probably won’t be trusted to start the rest of the season, or if he does he won’t be starting in October if the Cards make it.

    But with the A’s/Cubs trade, I’m not sure I would like the price in prospects. What’s a reasonable price for Kennedy? Would Piscotty as the only good prospect get it done? Probably not, and I’m not sure I’d like to trade more than that. With Craig looking broken and Holliday on the decline we could use the outfielders.

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